Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows

To get to Trophy Mountain, take your first right after Spahats Falls, approximately 11 km up the park road from the Information Centre. This brings you on to a gravel road called Road 80. This requires a drive of approximately half an hour on a bumpy gravel road. Four wheel drive is not nessecary, but very low clearance cars and RV’s are not reccomended. Following the signs for Trophy Meadows, drive approximately 23 km on the gravel road until you arrive at the trail head. The trail will take you through old growth forest until you reach the alpine. The whole landscape opens revealing the alpine meadows with the backdrop of Trophy Mountain and Raft Mountain. Once in the meadows you can keep hiking towards Sheila Lake or head to summit Trophy Mountain. Please keep in mind that to summit Trophy will take the average hiker approximately 6 hours from the trail head one way. There are areas where hikers are exposed to steep drops. Prepare well and be cautious.

Wild Flowers: This is what hiking in Wells Gray is all about! There are two blooms during the year. The first is in early June, and it consists mostly of the yellow Glacier Lilly and the tiny white Spring Beauty. The Glacier Lilies are so plentiful that their colour overwhelms the entire landscape.

The second bloom occurs in August, and here you are treated to a full flush of colour. The most common flowers are the red Indian Paint Brush, the purple Lupin and Alpine Daisy. Spending a day in the meadows is a real treat.

Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows
Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows
Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows

Moul Falls

What is so appealing about hiking in Wells Gray Pak is the ability to connect with the surroundings. Moul Falls is a great example as you get really close to the base of the falls. It is also part of the “Waterfall Tour”, and makes a great hour and a half round trip hike. Approximately 21km along the Clearwater Valley Road, you will find the Moul Falls car park. Hiking through a cut block for the first 10 minutes, the path then re-enters Wells Gray Park and winds through Birch and Douglas Fir forest until a steep stair case leads to the base of the 70ft waterfall. Caution: Take care when near the falls, the rocks are slippery and the water powerful.

Silvertip Falls

The spectacular cascade of Silvertip Falls has a total height of 200 metres. Especially in high water, the creek swiftly flows over the edge and meets a protruding section of cliff that sends the water shooting into the air. To get to the trailhead, turn off of the Clearwater Valley Road just after Spahats Falls onto the gravel road which is signed for Trophy Mountain. Follow this road until the intersection at 4.3km, where you will turn right. After only a short while, you will get your first view of Silvertip Falls through the trees. In a few hundred metres, you will see a road signed for Silvertip, just before a bridge which goes to the right. Park on the road here. The trail itself requires crossing several creeks, sometimes by walking on small log bridges which may be slippery. The first viewpoint is a 20 minute walk, and the second viewpoint requires a further 15 minutes.

Ray Farm Loop

West Lake Loop

Many rate the West Lake Loop their favourite short hiking trail in Wells Gray Park. The trail hugs the Clearwater River then loops around West Lake to rejoin the trail at Bailey’s Chute. Along the trail you will also hike through some of the Oldest Growth Forests in Wells Gray Park, and you will see two small waterfalls as well. In late August and early September visitors can watch Chinook Salmon attempt to jump the impressive rapid that is Bailey’s Chute. The trail is unique as it’s one of the few trails that hugs the Clearwater River, exposing pebble beaches, rocky outcrops and some of the Oldest Growth Forests in Wells Gray Park. This trail is approximately 2 hours return (5.5km)

Guiding Outfitters

If you truly wish to experience the very best of Wells Gray Park signing up to one of our outfitters is the best way to go.

Wells Gray Adventures: From one day to seven day hut-to-hut hiking trips. Food, guides, equipment all included. There are family orientated trips, great for kids for a truly remarkable summer holiday experience.