Waterfall Tour

Wells Gray Park is also dubbed the “Waterfall Park” thanks to the vast volcanic and glacial history of the area. Layers of lava from volcanic eruptions coupled with the carving effect of glacial activity created the Clearwater River Valley, and many of it’s tributaries have sculpted the mountains to bare beautiful and dramatic waterfalls. 

During the early summer as the snow melts on the mountains the waterfalls begin to swell. A few hours in the park is enough to see the three most famous waterfalls, which are described below. The first waterfall (Spahats Falls) is only a ten minute drive up the Clearwater Valley Road, which means that even if you only have half an hour to spare, you can get a taste of what Wells Gray Park has to offer. Each of the three falls described below are only a few minutes walk from the parking area, so everyone can see them! 

Make sure you stop at the Information Centre on your way up to the park for a FREE self guided map! 



Spahats falls

Spahats Falls is just a 10 minute drive from Clearwater with a 5 minute walk in. A 75m straight drop with the canyon close by. This gives you a good view of the layers of rock that formed over time with successive lava flows.

dawson falls

Dawson Falls is 42km from Clearwater, with a short 10 minute walk to the viewpoint. This waterfall has a wide elegant curve to it. Don’t just stop at the first viewpoint, there are two! 

helmcken Falls

Helmcken Falls is our most famous waterfall due to the spectacular 141m freefall. It is 47km up the Wells Gray Park road and is an absolute must see! Once you arrive at the parking area, it is only a 2 minute walk to the viewpoint.


Moul falls

Moul Falls is one of our most popular waterfall hikes. This is mainly due to the fact that you can get right to the bottom! In the lower water, there is also a trail behind the waterfall. Please use caution! This amazing waterfall is 21km drive from Clearwater, with a 5km return trip hike, which takes most people 1.5 – 2 hours return trip.

triple decker falls

Triple Decker Falls is a bit tricker to find, but a steep 20 minute walk will get you to this beautiful waterfall. For details on how to get here, stop at the Information Centre! 


13km drive from Clearwater. Requires of drive of approximately 40 minutes on a bumpy gravel road. Four wheel drive is not necessary, but very low clearance cars are not reccomended. This hike is approximately 1.5hours return and brings you to some beautiful mountain views. Depending when you are coming, you might even be able to see one of the wildflower blooms!

*Check with Information Centre for updated road conditions and status of flowers. 


Trophy mountain

The Trophy Mountain trail can be followed further to turn it anywhere from a 3 hour return hike to an overnight hike, with additional mountain views and several alpine lakes. 

*Please check with the Information Centre on conditions

Chain meadows/easter bluffs

Beginning at the boat launch on Clearwater Lake, you ascend to an overlook of the lake itself, and can then continue on to an interested lava column formerly known as the Easter Bluffs. This trail is approximately 4-5 hours return. 

South Rim Trail

This 3 hour return trip trail brings you to a unique overlook of Helmcken Falls – directly above the waterfall itself! You must be cautious on this trail, as the viewpoint requires you to come very close to the edge of the cliff, and there is no fence or guard rail on this trail.

 *Please be very careful if you are going to bring children or dogs on this trail!