Golfing in Clearwater and Wells Gray Park

To golf in Clearwater and Wells Gray Park is to play a round of golf in beautiful mountain-view settings without emptying your wallet. There are two 9 hole courses, the Lacarya Golf Course located not far from Clearwater on Highway 5, and the Wells Gray Golf Resort and RV course located just before the entrance to Wells Gray Park.

Both courses are regulation-sized and offer challenging obstacles such as water holes and bunkers. The design of these courses is intended to suit recreational players of all levels, and have natural surroundings while providing an affordable golfing experience.

Both courses have RV Parks and offer rentals of clubs, carts and buggies. They are also both available to handle tournaments of quite substantial sizes: please contact them directly for further details.

Lacarya Golf Course & RV Park

Wells Gray Golf Course & RV Park