Pyramid Campground

Pyramid Campground is located 42km from the Wells Gray Information Centre. Just past the Mushbowl bridge and about 1km from the Helmcken Falls turn off. It has 32 campsites within the  campground, and is a great base for exploring Dawson Falls and the Pyramid Mountain area. It has basic facilities such as a hand pump for water, pit toilets, picnic tables and fire rings.

Registration for camping takes place in the evenings. The cost is $20 per night, with firewood offered at $7. Even though it is located perfectly within the park, and sighting of wildlife such as deer and bears grazing along the campground road are common, there’s almost always space available at Pyramid Campground!

Falls Creek and Clearwater Lake Campgrounds

Located 72km from the Information Centre at the south end of Clearwater Lake, Falls Creek and Clearwater Lake Campground are two adjoining campgrounds and have 80 campsites, a sani-dump, a store, running water, boat tours, canoe rentals, a small cafe and coin operated showers.

100% of both Clearwater Lake and Falls Creek is reservable. You can book your campsite through the Discover camping reservation system. Although neither campground is actually located on the lake, there are trails to picnic areas that offer view of Osprey Falls and the end of Clearwater Lake where it leads into the Clearwater River. You can reserve a provincial campground online through Discover Camping

The cost of these campgrounds is $23 per night for camping, $5 to use the sani-dump, $8 dollars for firewood, and $2 for a 3 minute shower.

North Thompson Park Campground

North Thompson Park is located 5km south of the town of Clearwater on Highway 5. This campground is ideal if you would like to be closer to town and the main services/grocery shopping. 

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness Campgrounds take a little work to get to, but are well worth the effort. There are several scattered throughout the park.

Clearwater and Azure Lake have several family friendly campsites and are only accessible via canoe or boat. Each campground has outhouses, picnic tables,  bear proof food caches, and fire rings. Campsites are patrolled and maintained daily.  You can also hire a boat taxi to take you to your location of choice on the lakes. Please view boat tours for more details. These campgrounds are $5 per person per night.

Please note all prices are subject to change.

If you are interested in a campground in the main town of Clearwater, or would like with one Full Services (water, electricity etc.) This is the place for you! Check out our great range of campgrounds available.

 Please note all prices are subject to change.


How Can I Reserve a Campground?

You can reserve a campground through Discover Camping. Please note: there is currently a two month rolling window for campground bookings. 

Can I have a Fire?

Campfires are allowed in the designated fire rings at each campsite. Firewood can be purchased in the campgrounds, at the information centre, or you may bring your own. To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please DO NOT gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park. This is a ticketable offence. Dead wood is very important for the habitat and many plants and animals rely on this dead wood.