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Wells Gray Park Information Centre

Calling all mountain bikers- when you come to explore the park check out these sweet trails.

Mountain bikers try out new trails - Clearwater Times

Wells Gray Outdoors Club holds official opening for new mountain bike trails at Candle Creek near Clearwater

Jun 23rd 4:33pm • No Comments

TROPHY MEADOW UPDATE 19 JUNE - Summary- Not yet! Details: The snow is gone to the shepherd's cabin. That is a little more than an hour's walk from the trailhead. The ground is wet and the plants are just getting started. No flowers yet! Beyond that there is plenty of snow. It is very slushy in places and you will sink quite deeply. All of the valley trails in the park are cleared and the hiking has been gorgeous. Thanks Klaus for the photo!

Timeline Photos

Jun 19th 5:50pm • 8 Comments


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