Marketing Opportunities

Showcase your business to over 100,000 visitors every year!

Activities and Services

Our activity providers know that the Information Centre is a powerful way to expand your booking presence. We are committed to sending guests to your business. 

Do you have a spa or other service business?

We have many visitors looking for spa services, retail shopping, auto services, and of course, restaurants! Consider putting a flier or other promotional material at the Information Centre.

Brochures or Flyers

Tourism is an industry that fluctuates. Right now the town is at full occupancy during the main summer season. But, if tourism travel shifts to other destinations, or you need to expand your season, having a brochure at the information centre is a good idea. 

  • Travel companies stop at the information centre looking for accommodation ideas. 
  • Shoulder season travellers are looking for places to stay.
  • Visitors often come and pick up brochures for future trips
  • You are helping to support Information Centre Activities.

Outdoor Kiosks

Even though the information centre is open ten hours during the main tourist season there are still many visitors who come after hours. Consider getting a magnet made for out outdoor kiosks to capture this business. We had our magnets done by Vista Print. The size is 8.7″ x 11.5″. Designing it is easy on the site, and the cost of the magnet is low. Bigfoot Trading in Clearwater BC will also help you design your magnet and produce it for $30.00. Best of all, if you are done for the season, or if any information changes, the magnets can easily be taken down or redone. This means the sign is always up to date.

The Third Most Popular Question? 

Where can we eat? We hear this all the time. When our visitors ask this question, we send them to the Menu Table. Here they look over all of our menus and after deciding where to go, we tell them how to get there. If you have a restaurant, having your menu in the centre is the best way to get more visitors to your establishment!

Advertising Prices

Add 5% GST to all prices:

Brochure Racking: Local Companies: $70.00 or Out of Town: $100.00

Outdoor Kiosk Magnet for the Year: $60.00

Activity Poster for the Year: $150.00

Restaurant Menu for the Year: $70.00

Thank you!

Every dollar generated through these programs goes back to supporting visitor services at the Wells Gray Park Information Centre.

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